"What an honour and absolute pleasure it was to have Dana Vulin attend the National Final of Australia Galaxy Pageants 2017. Not only did Dana add an air of glitz and glamour to the 4 day long event, but she shared her inspiring story and wise words of encouragement with all 60 contestants. As well as the full ball room for the final pageant show". Read full testimonial

Director, Lucinda Ferguson

"When we were looking for a host of Kalgoorlie Fashion Week, Dana Vulin was a sure stand out. Her love of life and fashion meant we were guaranteed a beautiful show.  Thrown into the deep end, Dana was able to keep the crowd entertained with her witty banter and seamless interaction with the audience". Read full testimonial

CEO, Kalgoorlie Fashion Week

"LiveSmart recently organised a 'Ladies Empowerment' event to provide a platform to celebrate the inner strength of women. I could not have selected a more suitable speaker to address my audience. Miss Dana Vulin delivered her story of survival, determination and hope with such inspiration; exactly the aim of the event". Read full testimonial

Sharlyn Rahman, LiveSmart and Medical Hand

“Every term, we invite Dana Vulin to speak with our aspiring models about perseverance, motivation and overcoming hurdles in their early careers and life itself. As the founder and mentor for Model Camp Australia, I truly believe there isn’t anyone more suited to this job than Miss Vulin herself. Her story is overwhelming - filled with courage, self-acceptance and determination. A perfect mirror to guide and inspire my students on their journey. And they absolutely love her”. Read full testimonial

Yasmin Walter, Model Camp Australia

Director and Founder

“I'm always impressed by strong, smart, savvy women - but this one takes the cake. I first met Dana a few months after her horrific ordeal, she was still weak on the outside - but tough as nails on the inside. I've watched her slowly recover, seen her deal with the ongoing battles, and I am still in awe of the strength and courage she has shown." Read full testimonial

Sandra D

Senior TV Producer

"My team and I had the pleasure of working with Dana when she shared her story with Take 5 in a recent issue of the magazine. Dana is a true inspiration. She has been through unimaginable trauma and in the Take 5 office we were all rendered speechless by her bravery and courageousness since her ordeal. Not only has she triumphed over adversity but she has used her experience to inspire, motivate and educate others." Read full testimonial

Ruth McCarthy, Take 5 magazine,

News & Features Editor

"I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share my experience in working with Dana Vulin. She is an amazing woman whose resilience and strength shines through in everything she does. Despite the horrific trauma Dana has endured, she is still able to see the world through a lens of compassion, perspective and humour, which makes her a relatable and positive role model." Read full testimonial

Lucy Thomas, Project Rockit,


"Dana Vulin has been an ambassador for the Momentum for Australia and the ‘Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye, campaign since 2014. Dana was the testimonial speaker at the International Women’s Day 2014 where she received a standing ovation for her emotional and inspiring speech. During her interview on Hello Darlink talk show she opened up about her incredible journey." Read full testimonial

Barbara McNaught, Momentum Events


Interviewing Dana Vulin is like sitting down at a coffee lounge with your bestie and ‘shooting the breeze’, it’s so easy – and it’s genuine. I find it amazing that she has remained so positive, having faced the cruelest of... Read full testimonial

Natalee Fuhrmann